HW-8s, Ade Weiss


From: Jim Kearman (jkearman@arrl.org)
Date: Thu Jul 08 1993 - 16:15:22 EDT

Well, it looks like the market is driving up the
prices of used QRP gear. I would definitely say
the market is growing. Heath bagged it too soon!

Ham radio is growing at an amazing rate. We've
gained 100,000 new hams in the last couple of

I think the demise of Heath had a salutory
effect on the kit business in the US, as many
others sprang up to meet the demand. No one is
making an 8-bander for $300, though.

I've recently started learning to fly sailplanes
(QRP flying). That sport is in trouble, I think,
because the only new sailplanes available come from
Europe and cost >$20k. The last American mfr bailed
out about 5 years ago, to concentrate on more
profitable segments of its business, just like
Heath. Like Heath, this company grew with and
contributed to the growth of its sport. Are
American companies getting _too_ greedy, to the
detriment of hobbies/sports? The new European
sailplanes are very high performance, and priced
to match, comparable to the Argonaut II. Most of
us would be happy with an HW-9 or a Schweizer 1-26,
but we have to take an Argonaut II or a Grob 102.
Wally, K2IHO (SK), my Elmer, told me to marry a
rich woman. Guess I should have listened to him!

I spoke with Ade Weiss on the phone a little
over a year ago. At that time, he had no
interest in reprinting or revising either of
his books. His phone number is available
from directory info for his _Callbook_ address,
if anyone wants to say "hi." I'm afraid some
political snafu with QRP-ARCI sent Ade off,
along with a divorce and, I hear, some
medical problems. I got this info secondhand,
so don't quote me.

As much as I enjoyed his writing, there's
certainly no lack of good reading material
for QRPers. Perhaps Adrian was like the
mythological guide, who could take us only
so far along the path. Now, it's up to us
to continue with the quest.

72, KR1S

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