RE: HW-8 prices/caveats


From: Rho (
Date: Thu Jul 08 1993 - 14:42:13 EDT

This is somewhat expensive I paid $90 for mine and I thought that was
steep but it was in good condition and worked OK. It will keep you busy
over the winter adding all those it need mods too it!

I'm looking for a dead HW-8 (to convert to WARC + top band). If anyone
comes across one please let me know! Beats moldering on the shelf someplace.

Finally, does it seem to everyone that QRP rigs are getting more scarce
and more pricey (especially compared to QRO rigs of a similar age). Any
ideas why? Is QRP really getting that popular? Are people collecting them?

Still looking for a WARCed HW-9 (electrical condition unimportant) too!

Kevin Purcell N7WIM / G8UDP
Sit simplex, stulte!

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