From: Charles Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Thu Jul 08 1993 - 14:32:55 EDT

i have two copies of the Hot Water Handbook, which has the HW-8
mods. Michael WA8??? is the author of this book. i don't think
it's still in print. someone might comment on this.

speaking of in print. has anyone gotten any word to/from Ade Weiss
on his 'Joy of QRP' and 'History of QRP' to see if he is going
to bring them back also. with the influx of new blood, there should
be a market there to entice one to bring them back. in fact, i have
one and not the other and certainly would like to complete my collection.

inquiring minds wanna know.

72 de k5fo dit dit

"This is UNIX(tm)! I know this." - Lex in Jurassic Park in front of
SGI workstation.

   Chuck Adams, K5FO - CW spoken here....70+ wpm

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