HW-8 prices/caveats


From: okas_rp%ncsd.dnet@gte.com
Date: Thu Jul 08 1993 - 12:12:36 EDT

Hello All,
    After reading the various debates concerning TenTec prices,
I'd thought I'd throw out an inquiry. I have an opportunity to
purchase an HW-8 for $125, and is available as a consignment item
at the local ham shop. It's been checked out and is claimed to
produce ~1.4 t 1.6 watts out on the various bands. No power supply
or manual are available with it. The notes accompanying the rig
indicate some sensitity problems on 20m (possibly alignment?) and
the switches/pots need to be cleaned. The bottom line: Is it worth
the asking price? Is the power output typical for an HW-8? Any other
caveats I should be aware of?

I know there are many experienced users waiting to share their
opinions, so I await with bated breath...

Bob - N3MBY

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