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From: Rho (
Date: Mon Jul 05 1993 - 16:33:06 EDT

Fred Bonivita has been promoting this -- almost identical articles
appear in the NE QRP's journal "72" and the MI QRP's "T5W". And SPRAT
had an article aout it a couple of months ago.

This is a small no frills iambic keyer (mode A or B not specified --
does anyone know?). The pcb is smaller than a 9v battery at 1.5" by 2".
It has only one control for speed. The design is a voltage regulator
feeding an NE555 as clock generator clocking a custom PAL. The PAL
drives a small reed relay through a transistor, so I imagine it'll will
key anything with a low current line.

The kit is 16.50 pounds sterling. The PAL is availible for 5 pounds
sterling. They do have VISA and M/C now -- when I first read of this
kit in SPRAT they didn't have this. This removes all your hassles with
money conversions. When Fred ordered the kit it cost him just a little
over $25 (inc airmail postage) and the kit too 10days to arrive. He
built it in 1/2 hour and it worked first time. If you can get the 555
to oscilate then this kit can't really fail to work!

If you've been looking for a kit to ease you into construction but
haven't got around to it then this could be for you.

Ordering details:

Kirsta Computer Ltd.
35 Main St
KY11 5ND

Yes, GM-land!

KCL002 IC is #4.95
full kit is ##16.50
built and tested is #21.00
airmail postage is #1.00

You can get a flyer and order form frokm the above address, but I
figure a letter would would just as well.

Fred suggests putting it in an RF tight box -- presumable to keep the
digital rubbish and (and perhaps to keep the RF out -- dunno how
suscptible this is to stray RF).

I'm planning on ordering one.

Kevin Purcell N7WIM / G8UDP
"We conjure the spirits of the computer with our spells"

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