Portable Antenna for Motel Room


From: Henry T. Rand Jr. (rrand@PICA.ARMY.MIL)
Date: Tue Jun 22 1993 - 13:43:07 EDT

I have used a 20m dipole combined with a telescoping mast made out of PVC
pipe and hose clamps with great success in various motels. I fed this
antenna with 300ohm twinlead but coax would work if 20m is your interest.
The mast was made of seven or eight sections of PVC pipe which was cut
and slotted like aluminum beam elements are. The sections could then be
joined together with hose clamps. A small C-clamp and wood block to retain
the end of the mast were employed for mounting to whatever railing or
wall that was conveniently located. All sections were sized such that
they fit easily inside my suitcase when disassembled. Since they telescope
inside each other, three sections only results in one pole in your
suitcase. The antenna was set up as a vertical dipole from balconies at
hotels in Israel and at Dayton. The lower half of the antenna was allowed
to dangle from the end of the mast which was protruding out from the
balcony like a flagpole. The upper half was strung vertically as far as
possible and the remainder was then routed in whatever direction was
convenient. With this antenna from Israel over 500 QSO's were made including
2 way QRP QSO's with the USA and Japan. The rig used was an Argonaut 509.
At Dayton this antenna with the same rig worked 13 countries including
several QSO's with KH3 as all the interested QRPers in the suite took
turns working the KH3 pileup. For this antenna to work well one should
request a room on a high floor when checking in. The antenna packs
easily as 33ft of wire is small and not much length of feed line is
required for this application.

                                Randy Rand AA2U

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