Hotel Antennas


Date: Tue Jun 22 1993 - 08:30:00 EDT

Randy, AA2U had a nice hotel antenna at Dayton. We worked
stations in the Pacific on it.
Ask him for details....He is on internet.

Also we used to hang a 40m delta loop from the 11 floor balcony
at Dayton.... We also found a way to get up on the roof
and secretely put antennas there. The delta loop could
be deployed in under an hour with 4 people working on it.

A lot of hotels have sealed rooms and no balconies.
I thought of bringing a small drill and making a tiny hole
to push a wire out through, under the window.

In Dublin IR, I found a way to get up on the roof of a hotel,
put up a dipole (I was unsophisticated in those days)
but thought I was going to be shot when the militia came
running through the hotel.

I recommend a Super Tee Tuner and 2 lengths of wire.
1 for the antenna and 1 for a counterpoise. You may
be able to match the antenna by tuning for maximum
receiver noise, and have it work well.

The tuner is hi-Q and very sharp. Experiment.

For versatility,
The single endfed wire antenna is probably the most
flexible, compact, quickest to erect, antenna for varying
and unknown situations, and this tuner, which can be
built very tiny has low loss and a high matching capability.
The age old caveats still apply however, The higher, in the
clear, the better.
A horizontal wire is better for local, and a vertical
wire is better for long distance.

An antenna always works better if:
A piece of it comes from a previous antenna.
It is erected during a hurricane or snowstorm.
An old copper toilet tank float is put at the
    top of the antenna.

Otherwise, Good luck


72, Jim - W1FMR

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