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From: Brad Mitchell (bmitchel@Kodak.COM)
Date: Tue Jun 22 1993 - 07:08:04 EDT

I think that gary was refering to copies of pc artwork that have been scanned
, and could be ftped , then printed out on dyna-art paper or the tech-2000
film. All you would have to do to get an artwork is ftp the appropriate
scanned artwork, then print it onto one of the above mentioned things. Then
just dump it in the etch! Gary and I have done this with a few boards, but
realize that not everybody has access to a scanner to scan the artwork
initially. Also, Postscript is a great format for printing to a lasar
printer, but not a great one for manipulating in a easy format. There isn't
much use to me to learn PC layout, but easy copying of artwork printed in
magazines and books is fun and can be done. Having a ftp-able site with
various artworks available would be great. Also... Please note that to
use the iron on process, it would be best to store mirror images of the
artwork. It would be nice for instance if the ARRl had a ftp site that
I could anon log into that I could download mirror imaged copper artwork.
I could have pc boards that evening!

                73 all Brad WB8YGG@WB2VPH bmitchel@kodak.com

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