From: Jeff M. Gold (
Date: Tue Jun 08 1993 - 11:44:31 EDT

Well, I finished my Oak Hills Sprint Friday night and have been testing
it out. It was a very quick and easy kit to build. I built in a
speaker.. not really worth it.. you need headphones for it (Dick says
that is the way it is designed). I tried every power supply I own (very
well filtered and regulated) and couldn't use a power supply with it (a
problem with Direct Conversion Receivers). I finally gave in and use
headphones and a 4AH gell cell. The battery hasn't been charged in some
time.. but the little rig doesn't seem to eat much.

It took a little getting use to.. my first DC receiver. But I have found
that the 1 watt (due to low battery) seems to get out pretty good. If
the bands are busy.. forget it... all the information I have read about
DC receivers has proven to be correct.. noise and stations are
doubled... still have been able to make contacts as long as the band was
decent enough.. My Sprint is on 30 meters, and the bands seem to have
pretty bad since the weekend.

OK.. now for more news:

Just got the 624 Kits version of the Gary Breed transceiver that was in
the Handbook. It is a parts kit boards. You add your own enclosure and
jacks. It sell for $109. Thought it was going to be a bare bones type
deal. The circuit board is real good quality and nicely silk screened.
The instructions are step by step (good for a beginner), the schematics
are computer generated and all pretty and there is a nice parts overlay.
Going to build the receiver tonight, I hope. You build then test the
receiver before going onto the transmitter. I like this approach. One
thing I didn't like about the Spirit was you got all the way to the end,
no power off tests, and then you just power it on.



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