Re: Heathkit GD-125


From: Howard Lester (
Date: Tue Jun 08 1993 - 15:27:54 EDT

>I bought a thingie at a recent hamfest, but don't know what it is,
>how to hook it up, etc... Any Ideas? It is a Heathkit GD-125
>"Q-Multiplier and plugs into the wall (110VAC) but has one single
>phono jack for any sort of Input/output. I am wondering: what is this

Obviously, it multiplies Q's. That was old technology. In the 90's you want
to look for a W-Mulitplier. :)

My first receiver was a Hammarlund HQ-110A, and it had a Q-multiplier. A
turn of the front panel knob narrowed the received signal's bandwidth very,
very nicely. I'd guess that, in order to make use of your newly acquired
thingie, it has to be incorporated into your receiver's circuitry. I'm sure
one of the technoids can give you the right advice as to installation.

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