Heathkit GD-125


From: J. Sherwood Williams (jwill@cabell.vcu.edu)
Date: Tue Jun 08 1993 - 17:26:42 EDT

Hi all,
I know this isn't a really QRP question, but so many experienced hams
read the list, I thought It might be worth a shot.

I bought a thingie at a recent hamfest, but don't know what it is,
how to hook it up, etc... Any Ideas? It is a Heathkit GD-125
"Q-Multiplier and plugs into the wall (110VAC) but has one single
phono jack for any sort of Input/output. I am wondering: what is this
thing?? What does it hook to? Should I keep it or make plans to turn
it into a QRP rig's case? (the reason I paid the $2.00 for the thing
in the first place) .... Any info would be appreciated.

                   Robert S. Williams

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