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From: Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG (turner@safety.ICS.UCI.EDU)
Date: Fri Jun 04 1993 - 23:25:46 EDT

Doug Hendricks is interested in a Memory Keyer. My own take on this situation
is that the CMOS Super Keyer II in the (nov?) 1990 QST is easy to build
and has adequate memory for my contesting tastes. It is really great
to operate, cheap, etc. Love it to death. Really. The feel of the keyer
is far better than any other I have ever used. Now if I could just find
the right paddles (Bencher is "adequate" for the job.)

The only possible drawback is the amount of memory and the basic 4 locations
for those memories. If you get real fancy with contesting, it may not
do the trick. If you are interested, write me directly and I can tell you
more about my experience with the CMOS Super Keyer II.


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