From: Charles Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Fri Jun 04 1993 - 17:22:42 EDT

see gang, i told you so. Ed P., W1AAZ, knows all the details
about everything. ;-)

good job Ed. and i thank you many times over. i was looking at
Solid Design book last nite and saw the circuit (QSK). hate it
when people don't reference where things came from.......

glad to know that we got all this talent on the net.

BTW: i looked up Ed's callbook reference from the server. how is that
      you are two years younger, i was born on the 26th of sept and ed
      was born on the 25th. does that mean all Libra's are smart?????

      how did you get the 26th call in the total list? inquiring minds
      wanna know ;-)


   Chuck Adams, K5FO
   CW spoken here....70+ wpm
   Southern Education Center
   Dallas, TX
   (214) 788-4122 (voice)
   (214) 788-1376 (fax)

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