KR1S strikes again


From: Charles Adams (
Date: Fri Jun 04 1993 - 11:28:25 EDT


geez guy, politically motivated revenge is no reason to pick on the guy,
in this case, Frank NO1E. hey, how many times you get note from some
poor guy who tried to work YOU (somebody famous) and you didn't get back
to him. kinda like standing out in front of a crowd of 50,000 people
at a concert and then after the concert someone comes up and says, "say
JimBo, did you see me? last row seat #3.". :-) ;-)

ok, i want you listening for ME next week. be there be square. :-)

all in fun guys. i remember the first time i worked KH6IJ during a SS.
me running my lil ole HW-16 (hey guys, this was when 25 watts was qrp!)
with a dipole on 40 meters. talked to him several times later. my
CW hero of all time. they guy is a legend. when he goes SK you can
be sure that i'll pause a moment and think about the big picture.

ok, back to your regular scheduled programming.

BTW i just might see Lew McCoy if he comes all the way from NM. saw him
    years ago at the Midland TX meet.

all these famous people everywhere and a good share in this group.

did you guys and girls and know. this mailing group may start to exceed
the active membership list of QRP ARCI? in a few years maybe. it could
happen. there are over 8000 numbers given out by ARCI. but only 1400 or
so are active members. mostly due to political reasons and disappointment
in the running of same. we need to work on it. how someone running for
office. NOT ME. i got a life. ;-) well maybe......

keep the faith and i'm off to hamcom. i will be back, whether you want
me or not. ;-)

Jim, hope it's ok to pick on you. you sound like a nice guy with a sense
of humor, even if you are north of the red river. ;-)

Randy AA2U (another famous critter) and the gang. what DX call today,
if calling CQ, would cause the biggest pileup? TRIVIA QUESTION #1.


   Chuck Adams, K5FO
   CW spoken here....70+ wpm
   Southern Education Center
   Dallas, TX
   (214) 788-4122 (voice)
   (214) 788-1376 (fax)

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