"Color Burst" Transmitters


From: Jim Kearman (jkearman@arrl.org)
Date: Fri Jun 04 1993 - 09:48:25 EDT

Jeff, NH6IL, mentions salvaging the color-burst
oscillator from a TV.

Here in New England, the winter nights are long
and boring, so some of us built transmitters
using color-burst crystals, as formerly sold by
Radio Shack. (Here in the US, the color-burst
oscillator operates at approximately 3579 kHz.)

If you had the schematic for the board, you
could probably get the oscillator perking. If
you had the rest of the TV you could probably
find a power transistor with gain at 80 meters.
Or, you could just yank out the crystal and
stick it in the Universal QRP Transmitter
(Solid State Design).

For the benefit of those licensed in the last
20 years, the idea of using defunct television
receivers as parts sources for amateur transmitters
was developed into an art form by Lew McCoy, W1ICP,
formerly of ARRL Hq. Mac retired about 1978, and
now writes for _CQ_.

Mac wrote so many articles about converting TVs
into transmitters, the local joke was that,
someday, we'd run an article about building a
TV from old Lew McCoy transmitters....


Jim, KR1S

You know you're getting old when the new rig you had as a Novice
becomes a collector's item.

jkearman@arrl.org WN2EDW 1962 - KR1S 1993

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