Re: qrp rtty


From: Ken Hopper SE Chicago Loop (Ken.Hopper@Central.Sun.COM)
Date: Thu May 27 1993 - 16:05:37 EDT

I'm just a casual RTTY/AMTOR/PACTOR operator, but wanted
to comment that I am using the BMKMULTY software from the
BARTG (British) group and find it to be a pleasure to use.

I purchased the PACTOR module and have used it for only
a couple of contacts on 20M. I also use their TU (the
MULTY-TERM unit) and it has worked flawlessly for two
years. Their sw/hw is excellent.

I recently started using a PASOKON SSTV board in my PC
and have been bitten BIG TIME by the beautiful SSTV
images flying on 14.230.

I typically run 20-40W from my Ten Tec Omni-V, so I guess
I am a QRO op on Digital modes :-) I rarely have a problem
being heard on my W9INN dipole or Butternut Vert.

One of these days I`m gonna' build an Oak Hills Spirit,
but first I've got to get a good color frame grabber
for SSTV :-)


Ken - November Nine Vivid Video

P.S. And, yes Chuck (K5FO) I can still copy 50 wpm on a good
     day :-)

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