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From: Edward Parish (parish@Think.COM)
Date: Tue May 25 1993 - 16:17:06 EDT

   Date: Tue, 25 May 1993 12:29:23
   From: (Howard Lester)

   A couple of things jkearman's post reminded me of:

   1) This Brass Racer is also available with a built-in keyer. That model # is,
      I believe, EK-1.

I bought one at Dayton many years ago. Overall, it was a nice compact
design. A couple of problems have cropped up. The brass finish has
oxidized over the years, making the keyer a bit not so "easy on the eyes".
The keyer also does not have an on/off switch, so if an empty beer bottle
ends up resting on your keyer, you may end up with a dead battery. It also
lacks a closed key switch. Both switches can be added with a bit of clever

   2) The paddles seem to be closer together than those of the Bencher. Some
      may or may not like that.

   3) In the 80's QST reviewed it, and it seemed as if the reviewers didn't
      exactly rave about it, saying that "..once you get used to the feel of
      the magnets, it's pretty good..." or something like that. I think it's a
      lot better than just that.

   4) You can set the paddle contacts so close that the paddle becomes
      virtually silent - i.e. no clicks. However, that's a bit TOO close!

It takes some adjusting and getting used to!

   5) I bought mine from Radio Works (them "current-balun" folks in VahGINya),
      and it took a week. They have a clever method of packaging their products:
      in a plain brown shopping bag. I wanted to buy directly from Vibroplex in
      Maine, but they were out of stock - the bases had been backordered.

   Howard KE7QJ, who loves to hear those little peeps from around the world

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