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From: Jim Kearman (
Date: Tue May 25 1993 - 13:55:06 EDT (Howard Lester) writes:

>I have a new Vibroplex Brass Racer iambic paddle to replace the Bencher I had
>borrowed for several months. The Vibroplex is wonderful, and, as David
>Letterman would say, "easy on the eyes". It is a heavy brushed brass piece
>on a triangular rosewood base. Simply made, its tension on each paddle is
>adjusted with sliding magnets - no springs. The price is similar to a
>Bencher: $65.
>You have just read an unsolicited testimonial from:
>Howard KE7QJ
I'll have to get one of those paddles. I used to collect "bugs,"
when they were sensibly priced. Now, they're too rich for my
blood! I've started buying iambic paddles. I have a Hal "FYO,"
but would like to have an original FYO iambic, if I could find
one. Also have a Polish copy of the Bencher (really!), and a
Bencher (what I used to transition from bug to iambic keyer).
A couple of years ago I went temporarily insane and bought a
"Mercury" paddle by N2DAN. It also uses magnets, mounted on
screws with locking nuts. It's HEAVY and beautiful. You may
have seen photos of it in _CQ_ magazine. It also cost me more
than all my other keys put together.

Personally, the Brown Bros paddles and their clones never did
much for me. I actually gave away a clone, because it was so
sticky. I don't like the wobbly handles on the Bencher; it
also tends to disintegrate in your luggage. When I go off
shore now, I take my computer, but a backup paddle won't
hurt. The Mercury weighs a ton and I'd hate to damage it, so
the Bencher still goes on trips as a backup.

I think a paddle I built from two Microswitches is going to
appear in Hints & Kinks, in July _QST_. I'm working on
another one now, using the contacts of an old relay. I'm
going to use "hard" Fender guitar picks for the handles.


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