Spider Kit Finished


From: Doug Hendricks (dh@deneb.csustan.edu)
Date: Mon May 24 1993 - 01:27:01 EDT

I spent this weekend finishing up my Spider SP-1 kit that Jim, WA6GER, wrote
the review on last week and I uploaded. Well, guys, I got it done at 9:00
tonight, and this one is easy to tweak and get working. It worked the first
time I tried it, and as I was adjusting the receiver by tuning a coil, I
decided to call a CQ. Imagine my surprise when I called CQ twice followed
by my call once, not really expecting an answer, and boom! here comes my
call back. I had a 25 minute ragchew with a guy in Walnut Creek, Ca. Yeah,
I know it isn't very far, but hey, if you could see the closet full of
failures that I have for building projects, you would understand my joy at
making a contact on a rig that I built.
     The NN1G rig is still not tweaked. Bill Kelsey is going to look over
the schematic this weekend and hopefully he will be able to give me a hand.
Please, if you write an article for QRP Quarterly or other journals, don't
assume that all of us are as smart as you are. Give us the info on how to
go about tweaking and tuning up the rig. It will be appreciated. Chuck
Adams and I are working on a project that most of you will be interested in.
We will announce it when we have the details worked out. Stay tuned. 72,

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