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Date: Thu May 20 1993 - 21:03:47 EDT

Is anyone out there using Amtor or Pactor with QRP powers. They seem
like excellent candiates for state of the art QRP.

Kevin Purcell N7WIM / G8UDP
"So much is happening in the world of electronics, but it appears
to me that we QRPers are twenty years behind in the analog age."
                        -- QRP Quarterly Editorial, April 1993

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Date: Sat, 15 May 1993 17:45:57 GMT
Subject: AMTOR question

In article <1svucr$> (William E Van Horne) writes:

>Dear Rob:

>Pactor [....] is very similar to AMTOR but
>with several advantages that make it considerably more pleasant to

Such as the fact that (based on my usage so far), it's *VERY* bulletproof.
We're talking someone tuning up right on top of a QSO I was in, and it had
no apparent impact at all, even though the carrier was considerably
stronger than the person I was working on PacTOR. Also, it seems that it's
a lot less sensitive to QSB than normal AMTOR, too.

Put it this way...right from the very start, I've been impressed as h*ll
with PacTOR. :-)

>If you have the PK-232MBX, you can get PACTOR by simply buying
>the new "firmware" from AEA for $85.00.

Kantronics provides an upgrade for the KAM, as well (this is how I got
on PacTOR). Basically, it's the version 6.0 firmware.


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