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From: Charles Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Thu May 20 1993 - 18:18:01 EDT

Doug, KI6DS, posted last week, while i was in houston, a note about
the reprints for the QRP Quarterly.

as a satisfied customer, let me say, i bought the complete set.
they arrived in a timely manner and were as advertised. it is
nice to have each year bound separately in what is called the
'comb' binding, you know, the plastic multiple hole through the
paper like slots that lies flat. the series make interesting reading,
lets you catch up on what you missed, if you have been inactive in

as photocopied material, in general the photos came out rather well.
some problems with original material that wasn't all that great in the
first place -- bad contrast, etc.

someone in letters to the editor recently inquired whether anyone was
going to do a 'best of QQ'. i thought of it about a minute and then
knew that i wouldn't do it. no money in it -- fame maybe, but definitely
not much money.....

72 de k5fo dit dit

   Chuck Adams, K5FO @ 70+ wpm cw

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