RE: QRP calling freqs


From: Rho (
Date: Fri May 07 1993 - 13:09:39 EDT

Hmmm, I was looking through my QRP books yesterday to check on these
figures, but you saved me the effort of typing them in (great minds
think alike, uh, Chuck :-)

One thing that struck me is that EVERYONE omits 17m band from these
lists. Is this because it was the last WARC band opened up to US hams?
Are there any recognised CW and SSB QRP frequencies on 17m -- or do we
just use the whole band :-)

I also note that there is a move afoot to move the 10 SSB QRP frequency
down to 28.360 at least in Europe (the most recent SPRAT mentioned it).
It seems sensible as there is a lot of activity in the 28300 to 28500
Novice/Tech subband.

Finally it seems that the Novice/Tech subands (except the 10m subband)
should be a good place for QRP (though underused) because the QRO guys
have to throttle back power to 200W PEP or less? Why don't QRPers make
more use of this? You may even infect a Novice/Tech operator with the QRP bug.

Kevin Purcell N7WIM / G8UDP
"So much is happening in the world of electronics, but it appears
to me that we QRPers are twenty years behind in the analog age."
                        -- QRP Quarterly Editorial, April 1993

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