one free meal


From: Charles Adams (
Date: Fri May 07 1993 - 12:00:44 EDT

ok gang, i promised and i'll deliver. sending AA2U a check for
one free meal!!! :-)

here is the message i got from Randy, reprinted here with his


* Hello Chuck,
* I hit 300 countries over a year ago on mixed mode all band QRP.
* I confirmed 300 this Jan and received awards from the G-QRP club and
* the ARCI. Just hasn't been published yet in the QQ. I am not the first
* one to work 300 countries QRP but may be the first to do it without nets
* and lists. It will be a while before I have 300 on a single band QRP but
* my 15m worked total is over 280 now so not an impossibility.
* I have all my QSL's and log info on DXCC band country counters
* entered into DBASE IV now. Almost up to 1600 band countries confirmed
* QRP not counting 6m which would be another 50 or so more. There are at
* least 100-150 outstanding QSL's. I am not sure of the exact count.
* Other 300 country QRP achievers that I know about are KR2Q(also no
* nets), possibly N4KG and WG5G. K3OO is well on his way with only 2 watts
* and may have surpassed 300 by now.
* I hope to surpass 300 on both SSB and CW but it will take some
* more time to achieve that.
* 72,
* Randy Rand AA2U

thanks for the feedback Randy. that's why we created this group - to
exchange hints and kinks. we're outnumbered and outpowered but we
ain't outsmarted.

QRPers do it with little ones!!!!

72 es gl es bcnu de k5fo

   Chuck Adams, K5FO @ 70+ wpm cw

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