QRP Icom 735


From: Doug Hendricks (dh@altair.csustan.edu)
Date: Fri May 07 1993 - 11:27:06 EDT

This week someone asked how to turn a 735 down to qrp levels. Last night I
did the agc trick that was in QRP Quarterly, July 89, page 8. It was written
by Mike Michaels, w3ts. All the circuit has in it is a battery connector for
a 9 volt battery, a 10k resistor, 68k resistor, 10k pot, switch and a 1x2x3
minibox. Took about 5 minutes to build, and worked great. I hooked it up
to my Icom 735, tuned it up, and turned it on. I was able to adjust the
power from 2 milliwatts to 5 watts. I then called a group of guys on 75 meterss`. They gave me a signal report of 57 and then would not believe me when I
told them how much power. Measured it on Oak Hills Research WM-1 Wattmeter.
So, I turned up the power from 20 milliwatts to 5 watts. They could see a
difference! One guy still would not believe me so I went to 100 watts (sorry
guys, but I was proving a point). He believed me finally. This mod works
great, is easy, cheap, and even I got it right the first time. If you need
the circuit and don't have a copy, drop me an email message and I will send
you a copy. 72, Doug, KI6DS

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