NE QRP Spring Daze #1


From: Jim Kearman (
Date: Fri May 07 1993 - 10:44:48 EDT

Up here in New England, we've been fooling around with rigs
that use color-burst crystals (3579.545 kHz). In keeping with
the G-QRP tradition of giving every piece of equipment a name,
I call these rigs 79ers.

If you live in a densely populated area, you need a lot of
patience, as the TVs are everywhere. Doesn't anyone read anymore?
With deft usage of series inductance, you can "bend" these crystals
a few kHz, and avoid most of the TVs.

NE QRP had it's first May Daze 3579 QSO Party last night, from
9 to 10 PM EDT (0100-0200 GMT). W1AW operates CW on 3581 kHz, so
we had to clear out before they got started at 0200. The span of
frequencies I observed last night was 3579.3 - 3581.3

I use indoor wire antennas. I know I can do better on 80, but
haven't taken the time to try anything except some loops of wire.
I don't know how many stations were on last night, but I worked
everyone I heard except KN1H: W1FMR, NN1G (also in Newington),
VE2DRB, WA1JXR, WT1M (whodat?).

About 0140 I went down to 30 meters for a while, but I only worked
a couple of 4s. Guess I missed the Internet crowd. (I was watching
"The Real West" on TV...) Let's see some activity reports from
those of you who made it!


Jim, KR1S


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