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Date: Fri May 07 1993 - 10:52:08 EDT

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>Techniques - use the qrp designator, why they can hear that and not the
>call I don't know but its got me a lot of contacts phone and might
>be timing but I do believe "qrp" gets their interest more than one just
>one more callsign that happens to be very weak.

Sorry - I have to disagree. Signing QRP instead of your call is tantamount
to "last two letters", a horrible practice among good DXers. Signing QRP
after your call just makes your callsign longer, and the DX station will
usually pick up someone with a shorter callsign first.

>- Up to individual discretion but one way to get an open spot is to make a
>call when the dx asks for dx or is going by call areas and doesn't get a
>response..listen first of course...there are those that maintain a qrp
>station is not going to stomp anyone and this is not an unreasonable edge.

If I were the DX station I'd ignore "out of turn" callers. Everyone else
should do the same. Once you let one station through, bedlam usually

Better suggestions:

1. Work DX on the less popular bands, like the WARC bands. There's less

2. Use the highest band when it's open. 5W on 10 meters is plenty loud, 5W
    on 75 meters is tantamount to suicide

3. Tune around *a lot* to find the DX before everyone else does.
    Otherwise, you'll have to wait until the pileup dies down.

4. Know when DXpeditions are coming, their band plans, and how long they
    plan to stay. I worked AH3C/KH5J on Jarvis in 1989 after they had
    run out of stations to work in the last days of the DXpedition.

5. Don't tail-end unless you *KNOW* the DX station is taking tail-enders.

6. Operate DX contests. Lots of good DX is begging by Sunday afternoon.

73 - Jim AD1C (DXCC QRP 140 confirmed, DXCC Honor Roll [high power])

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