Date: Fri May 07 1993 - 10:17:42 EDT

> Any advice on operating QRP SSB? Techniques and tricks?
> Anyone tried QRP SSB on 40m with any success during the day or night?

It can be done, I've got almost a DXCC on SSB with just a G5RV at 25 ft -
it ain't as easy as CW, hitting "dead-air" with your call is absolutely
essential, else they aren't even going to know someone is there.

Techniques - use the qrp designator, why they can hear that and not the
call I don't know but its got me a lot of contacts phone and might
be timing but I do believe "qrp" gets their interest more than one just
one more callsign that happens to be very weak.

- operate where the pileup isn't. Althougth this may contradict the usual
principle of transmitting wehre the dx is listening, finding an
opening in a large ssb pileup is difficult to the point of impossibility,
if you are going to be vainly shouting into a microphone anyway might as
well do it where the frequency is clear and who knows ... maybe the dx
will tune there.

- Up to individual discretion but one way to get an open spot is to make a
call when the dx asks for dx or is going by call areas and doesn't get a
response..listen first of course...there are those that maintain a qrp
station is not going to stomp anyone and this is not an unreasonable edge.

- And since I'm dealing with controversial issues there are always nets.

72, Greg, KD4HZ

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