W5HKA, Luke B. Dodds


From: Charles Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Fri May 07 1993 - 02:01:52 EDT


probably many of you know or have heard of Luke. i just got a
letter from him. he underwent open heart surgery April 12 - 24
and is now back home.

Luke is the treasurer for QRP ARCI and he is also the US rep for
G-QRP club, he handles membership for the US of A folks etc.

those who know Luke may wanna drop him a card and wish him well.
or, you can send me email and i'll see that he gets it. he is
some 15 miles from me in Grapevine TX.

he and a bunch of others, including Mike Kilgore, secretary for
QRP ARCI, and myself meet first saturdays of even months for
lunch. we're going to have to change restaurants, since Luke
had his surgery and I had an artherectomy (cleaning of the main
artery like rotter rooter) last year. i cleaned up my act and lost
55 pounds. now at 211 pounds, but hey gang, i'm 6'6" in height.
smallest of four boys. my younger brothers all hit 7'0". we grow
big in texas...... ;-)

anyway, Luke is doing fine. say hi to him on the air or via
snail mail.

for now, de k5fo dit dit

   Chuck Adams, K5FO @ 70+ wpm cw

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