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Date: Fri May 07 1993 - 08:20:00 EDT

Bruce Walker

Nice talking to you last night on the "May Daze Sprint",
(QRP-NE Thurs. eve QSO party).

I used the Argosy at first, but the guys were having
so much fun running xtal control, I fired up my
"Colorburst" special. Put a 150 pf variable cap
in series with the xtal, (using Radio Shack clipleads),
and got about 7 khz of freq. shift.

What a blast !

Worked KN1H, WT1M, VE3DRB, NN1G, WA1JXR, KR1S, and a few

My output was 1 watt to a 140' wire, an ultra simple
HB tuner, about 150' of various length ground wires
 (3) laying on the grass.

Hearing the gang and working them all was a gas !!!!

More fun than I have had in a long time;
Especially from a little HB square of parts hooked to
a gell cell and key.

Only one (1) switch was used.

The antenna was switched from tx to rx.
The Argosy was used as the rcvr, and the AGC circuit in
the Argosy took care of the audio level perfectly.

Simple and very efficient.......

Looking forward to QSOing you next Thursday, and
seeing you with the QRP-NE group this weekend at the
Rochester NH Hamswap. QRP-NE Club meeting just after
the drawing ( if they have one) on Sat. ~ 1:30 pm.

Jim, W1FMR

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