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From: Rho (
Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 20:20:26 EDT

Paul Blumstein <netmail!> said:

The marketing guy had said that they get most of their ideas
and input from their customers. I blew it.

I should have said: "QRP is one of the most rapidly growing
segments in HAM radio today. Does Yaesu have any plans to
produce products for us?".

I say:

They already make QRP rigs for the home market (the 10W code-free HF
licence). I know of the TS-120V and TS-130V and FT-7 but there must be
many more that we never hear about (Mizuho or Tokoyo HyPower).

If they would bring these rigs into the US they would make us happy (to
some extent).

Getting them to make specialised rigs is more of a problem, but if we
keep asking.....

Kevin Purcell N7WIM / G8UDP
"So much is happening in the world of electronics, but it appears
to me that we QRPers are twenty years behind in the analog age."
                        -- QRP Quarterly Editorial, April 1993

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