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From: Rho (
Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 16:57:14 EDT

Read my post again!

The first statement was refereing to QRP rigs that are derived from QRO
rigs (Argo II, TS-120V, TS-130V, TS-140V (dunno if this exists), low
power version of IC-725 and 726). These are either made as dedicated
QRP rigs (and have small runs) or are made for the Japanese 10W HF
no-code licencees and are not sold outside Japan.

The other QRP rigs are made in small quantities (by people not robots)
and cost more as a consequence of having such a small volume
production. Remember Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood supply the world. MFJ is
really only aimed at the US market, though you can get them in the UK too.

Also the blinkenlites are mostly a software cost for the controller.
This can be large and works better for a unit with high volume sales.

Not covering noice bands is done for several reasons:

1. Novices are usually pretty bad at copying weak signals (not a slight
its the truth!). There is no driving force from the users for this in a
portable rig.

2. For CW work with a tight filter you want a low tuning rate. With the
given components (vernier drives) that are easily availible and the
requirement for a slow tuning rate (25kHz per turn or less) to make it
easy to use they're encourged to limit the span covered. This general
goes from the bottom of the band to where the digital guys take over.

An all singing all dancing all band portable single conversion (50MHz
IF) QRP rig with digital readout, optical encoder dial, that can work
split, that'll run for a weekend on a single gelcell that would sell
for $600 would be great. But there aren't any rigs out there like that
(yet!). KG7ME has a working prototype of a rig fitting these goals and
is considering putting it into production. I have seen it at a NW QRP
club meeting and it may be at the Convention in Seaside, OR this June
if you want to see it. Maybe that'll be the answer to our problems.

The market is there you just need some entrepreneurs that can fill it.

Kevin Purcell N7WIM / G8UDP
"So much is happening in the world of electronics, but it appears
to me that we QRPers are twenty years behind in the analog age."
                        -- QRP Quarterly Editorial, April 1993

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