From: Henry T. Rand Jr. (rrand@PICA.ARMY.MIL)
Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 16:10:55 EDT

SSB and QRP even with milliwatt power do mix. I have worked alot of DX on
SSB with QRP. There are many DX countries which are mostly or solely active
on SSB. By operating CW only one either has to wait a long time for someone
to activate the country on CW or miss out on working it alltogether. To a
true CW only op, missing it probably won't matter but if one wants to
maximize their country count some SSB operation is a requirement. A few ideas
          Optimize your audio - pick a microphone, try more than one, and run
on the air tests with someone nearby you to determine which suits your voice b
        If at all possible use speech processing. RF processing is best.
Again, adjust it and check your signal quality with others on a quiet band.
The higher average power from processing is only an advantage if the signal
remains clear and intelligible.
These comments are geared to DXing on SSB, general ragchewing would probably
not require so much effort. Just finding a clear spot on the band would be
        As for 40m SSB from the East Coast, Europe can be easily worked
on contest weekends late at night after the activity diminishes. The
broadcast QRM makes contacts hard at times but the contacts can be made.
                        Randy Rand

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