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From: Charles Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 16:05:39 EDT


i have built the following from OHR: (i'm just a crazy kit builder trying
to adjust to the lack of a heath supply....)

1. the 20 mtr old qrp kit ($149.95)
2. the OHR 40 mtr Spirit ($198.95)
3. the OHR 30 mtr Sprint ($109.95)
4. the OHR WM-1 wattmeter ($79.95)
5. the OHR Audio Filter ($69.95) not quite sure about this one

also a 20 mtr Spirit, but it's not ready yet........ ;-) thought i'd
try the visible part of the spectrum above 40 meters......

all the kits are super. the original rig, advertised by Ocean
State Electronics and others, is being replaced with a new kit
(soon to be announced and sold) called the Explorer.

all the kits have double sided, silk screened, green solder masked,
plated through holes, etc. circuit boards. good density and compact
boards. reminds of the better heath boards. parts are first rate

a. the Spirit is my favorite and my full time rig on 40 meters.
    of course, the antenna is most important here. i use a 80 meter
    long wire up 10 meters. my hit ratio is over 98%, and this is no
    exaggaration on my part it has very little to do with my operating
    skills. i mean, 2 watts is 2 watts is .... if i hear them, and the
    receiver is HOT, i can work them. i may get beat periodically by
    someone with more power, but hey, that's what qrp is all about.
    i don't mind.

    anyway, i digress again. the qsk solid state switching is just
    beautiful. [i ran heath hw-16 (a long time ago at 25 watts) for
    many many years just because it was the first rig to have solid
    state switching, even though the rest was tubes.] everybody i talk
    to says the keying is super in the Spirit.

    talked to a w2 in february. i started the rig cold turkey in a room
    where ambient temp was 60 degrees. the guy was running a kenwood that
    had been on for 30 minutes plus. i talked to him for an hour at 40 wpm.
    neither one of us touched the dial. the temp compensation in all of
    Dick's, KE8KL, rigs is super. he spends extra time at this. Dick
    bought OHR from Doug DeMaw some time back. i don't know the dates.

    anyway, if you can spring the bucks, get this one. 2-5 watts out.
    i set mine for 2. i thought 2 would be a challenge over 5. ;-)

b. the Sprint is a very small version of the W7EL DC rig. output is 1.5
    watts. this one is going with me next week to houston for week long
    business trip. also taking hw-9 to play with.

    the sprint is on 30 meters and it works rather well. i have some
    difficulty on my long wire due to rf ground, but i'm working this
    problem out when i can get some time to play. when at home i'd
    rather work 40 anyway. the rig is light, sorry i don't have the
    exact size and weight, but ping me and i'll measure all of the above.
    no ads on this rig that i've seen. maybe someone from Dayton saw
    one at the meet.

    i had Tejas' Backpacker I and never got it to work. the OHR board
    is the size of one of the three boards in the Tejas. anyone gotten
    a Tejas rig to work? i talked to a BP II in St. Louis months ago,
    but the 40 beam the guy had was pointed to the east and stuck there.
    kinda interesting story. guy was a qrp meeting and he had handed out
    a copy of a newsletter that i had done to the group that he had gotten
    from someone i had given it to in San Antonio..... small world.
    BTW, that doesn't make me famous..... ;-)

c. the wattmeter and the audio filter are great. i would not part with
    the wattmeter for anything other than a brandnew one. in case someone
    doesn't want to bother with the assembly process. no qrp shack should
    be without one of these critters. three scales, 10 mW, 1 W, and 10 W
    full scale readings. 9V powered and i've left the thing on for days
    at a time and still the battery is going.....

    the audio filter is the best one around that i've seen. i gave my
    Autek QF-1A away!! the audio filter is based on the one in a QST
    article in Oct of 1992. i think that's right.... yeh, that's it.

ok, phd dissertation ended. if you want more details, send SASE,
830 Waite Drive, Copper Canyon, TX 75067-8581. i'll try to get
ASCII copy to think.com for ftp, but don't hold me to the fire on
this one guys. i'm against the wall already on my time line.

the explorer is gonna be in the $159-169 dollar class. can't wait
to get one. be the first kid on the block to own the whole set.

i am just a peachy keen happy customer. i am not paid by OHR or
employeed by them in any form or fashion.

Oak Hills Research
20879 Madison St
Big Rapids, MI 49307
Dick Witzke KE8KL (ex KD7RT)

i'd put the phone number here, but then i'd be asking for trouble. ;-)
don't want to put him in overload. it's in the mags, except QST.

72 es gl de k5fo,

   Chuck Adams, K5FO @ 70+ wpm cw

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