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From: David Adams (
Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 15:28:45 EDT

Someone commented that using only a small subportion of the
bands was normal since those were the CW portions. I find
this reasoning to be a little harsh since those portions
do not even include the novice portions of the bands. (Of
the bands that have novice portions.) And novices are only allowed
to use CW!

Also Kevin Purcell (N7WIM) wrote:

> QRP rigs have to have all the stuff a QRO rigs have, the just miss
> the linear (generally just one stage of the PA). Missing this off
> doesn't save much money...

They often don't cover all of the band. They only cover one band.
They offer one mode of operation. No SSB etc. They have no bells
and whistles for which the modern rigs charge more money like
frequency memories, and fancy LEDs and blinkinlights and direct
access tunning (just punch in the numbers) and frequency counters*,
and there is probably lots more. It isn't that I want a lot of bells
and whistles. I am just surprised at how dropping them does not
necessarily mean a drop in price.

*I might be confused on this point. The ARRL Advanced class exam
preparation book seemed to indicate that most modern rigs have
a frequency counter used to display the frequency. I don't know
if this means, for example, that the Icom IC-735 does or not.

--David C. Adams Statistician Cray Research Inc.

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