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From: Jeff M. Gold (
Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 14:11:16 EDT


I saw a nice straight key in the CQ Radio Kits catalogue out
of Bradford, Ont. I sent a plain old personal check.. I got
the key.. best I have ever seen in perfect condition in
about a week.. he didn't even have time for the check to

I mailed an order to Schurr Keys in W. Germany for a set of
mini-paddles and had to use a bank check.. but in a very
short time the paddles came air-mailed to me.. NO PROBLEM.

Sounds to me like the guy in Canada with these rigs is a
little bit bananas.. I would like to buy one.. but won't buy
one under conditions of having to beg with one and have it
come with no warranty.. sounds a wee bit fishy.



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