RE: Cheap Source for 10M Mizuho Rig


From: Rho (
Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 12:35:44 EDT

No complaints (well, not many!) just information.

I just called Atlantic Ham Radio again and talked to Mr Lutz. He
wouldn't take a credit card order over the phone (even though I told
him I'm at Microsoft and a call to the operators would verify that --
guess it doesn't mean I'm not a crook :-). He was even reluctant to
take a money order, but if I say I'll make no claim on warrenty then
he'll sell me one. He claims that costs him money posting a bond of $40
when the rig comes into Canada from the USA for warrenty repair. This
makes it too expensive for him to sell to the US and make a profit (he
isn't making much profit on these rigs, I suspect).

All in all an interesting experience, having never bought anything from
Canada by mail order before. I've had less trouble buying products from
a US company when i was in the UK. I don't think I had to try to
persuade a dealer that he really wanted to sell me a product before!

If anyone does any better please let me know! I know J. Sherwood
Williams managed to get his via a cedit card order. Seems strange to
get it rushed by next day air after waiting for several days for a
letter to arrive. I guess I'm not really into forced instant gratification!

I also asked him if he picked up any of the 6m rigs that AEA had ... he
said they had all been sold by AEA.

Despite all this I think I'll mail an order tomorrow.

Kevin Purcell N7WIM / G8UDP
"So much is happening in the world of electronics, but it appears
to me that we QRPers are twenty years behind in the analog age."
                        -- QRP Quarterly Editorial, April 1993

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