Re: 20 or 30?


From: Howard Lester (
Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 09:02:53 EDT

>On the negative side, however, if you're a wall paper collector don't forget
>that neither the big contests nor DXCC include 30.

>Jim K5YUT

A week or so ago I worked a 3B8 on 30, admittedly with full 100
watts....Anyway, that's halfway around the world. I'd say DX is out there,
"even on 30!"

By the way, I've heard of 3 ways of getting the power down to 5 watts on my
IC-735: One is an internal switch that changes the power range from 10-100W
to 5-50W; another is constructing something to insert into the ALC jack in
the back of the rig; and a third is adjusting some internal control. The
first option is out of the question; the second is, well, I don't like
messing with stuff like that; and the third is, well, I don't like messing
with the internals. Any other ideas?

Howard KE7QJ

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