From: Charles Adams (
Date: Thu Apr 29 1993 - 16:56:21 EDT


Jeff, AC4HF, i think i have the call right. asked about the new
MXM rig, so in order to save time i'll give you a quick update and
then a final review when i get it assembled.

first: it's a transceiver, single band
second: board is 4 1/2" x 3 5/8" (11.2cm x 9.2cm)
third: uses the superRX receiver and transmitter from WA6IVC (Bruce)

nice board with silkscreen. it's not green, but it goes inside a
case anyway. ;-)

the kit is not out yet, but will be shortly. i'll let you know.
Bruce will be showing the rig at the Hamcom fest in June here in dallas

the rig is vfo controlled, thus eliminating the previous problem of
being crystal controlled. will work the whole band. can be set up for
80, 40, 30, and 20 meters. don't know if other bands are gonna be
available for any time soon.

kit doesn't come with cabinet and additional hardware (key jacks,
power plug, etc.). this may be a turnoff for some people but not
for the real hackers. :-)

i'll shoot for getting it built this weekend or middle of next week.

output transistor is 2SC799 and should be capable of 5 watts out.
may run hot, but hey, silicon doesn't melt until the temp gets real

72 de k5fo chuck dit dit

p.s. rig to sell for $99.50 or so. definitely the hotest receiver around.
     500 Hz bandwith with possibility of going down to 200 Hz bandwidth,
     but you'll probably get some 'ringing' at 200 to 100 Hz. uses Cohn
     filter in the IF.

more details to follow.



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