My problem -- part 2


From: Paul Blumstein (
Date: Fri Apr 23 1993 - 17:06:31 EDT

I brought mt 30M A&A QRP Xcvr into work to look at it with a scope.
I used a dummy load. Everything looked normal. If you recall,
my SWR w/dummy load was 1:1 (no refl power). With my antenna,
my SWR was greater than 3:1. ANd my antenna on an SWR analyzer
showed 1.3:1 on the freq in question, the same as it did before
the problem began. (I can't take the scope home to see what
happens on the antenna).

So, the problem seems to be SWR related. I noticed that the
red color of the core on the last coil of the lo-pass was
darker than the first coil. they are supposed to be the same
core, but i do not remember if the color was different on

So the question is: When I had the braid open, could I have
heated the core and changed it;s characteristics enough to
cause these symptoms? Any other thoughts? Any help from
anyone would be appreciated.
        Paul (kd6laa)

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