Re: HW-9


From: Jim Kearman (
Date: Fri Apr 23 1993 - 13:06:02 EDT

Well, I didn't go to Dayton this year; looks like it might
rain on the flea mkt tomorrow, so maybe as well.

My GRC-109 set came today, and it looks okay. Wish I had
some xtals for the xmtr, but a vfo is in the works. This
is the ultimate FD rig: watertight! Xmtr runs about 10-15
watts max (2E26). The receiver tuning rate is FAST!!!
Thirty meters is about 1/4 turn of the knob. Also provisions
for xtal control of rcvr. Rcvr bandwidth is 9 kHz, so you
have plenty of room to slow down the tuning!

They cover 3-24 MHz. Rcvr could probably be persuaded to cover
12 meters but see Tuning Rate above...

Three cast aluminum boxes 5.5 x 5.5 x 8.6 inches, with covers
held by thumbscrews. Even with the covers off, everything is
gasketed against moisture. Very military looking; will fit in
with my "low profile" station at home.

The manual has a 1962 printing date; I pulled one tube out
of the receiver, which has a date code of late 1964. I never
saw these guys in Vietnam in 1968; they were probably sitting
in a warehouse in California.

You wouldn't want to backpack these critters; they weigh about
25 lb, but look like they'd survive an attack by the ATF or FBI.

I hope to be on 40 meters with it in a couple of weeks. I want
to make a VFO for the xmtr first.


Jim, KR1S


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