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From: Jim Kearman (
Date: Thu Apr 22 1993 - 21:03:13 EDT

Robert Marlan <> writes:

>I want to buy a nice qrp kit
>I ahve seen three:
>1) Oak Hills Research
>2) MFJ
>3) A&A ENgineering
>the oak hills has a switch fo filter width,
>the A&A appears to have holes on the top? ?speaker inside
>which has the best performace
>any opinions on if 20 or 40 meters is best for general usage?
>appreciate any opions
>thanks bob KA6NOC
I'll start the ball on the preferred band: It depends! Forty
is a good band for QRP in the daytime. At night it can get nasty,
depending on where you are. Near Canada or the Caribbean you get
zapped by all the SSB. On the East Coast you get lotsa Euro SWBC.
All this can make mincemeat of a receiver. On the other hand, in
the early morning or around sunset, you can usually make a few
contacts of reasonable distance.

Twenty is a good daytime band now; a few years ago you could
work the world 24 hours a day, but the sunspots are fading away
now. It helps to have a reasonable antenna on 20, tho I've
worked lots of QRP dx with dipoles in good locations.

If you can get next to a receiver now, spend some time listening.
Bear in mind, the summer conditions aren't as good as in the
fall and winter.


Jim, KR1S


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