New England ARRL Conv.


From: James M Fitton +1 508 960 2577 (mvubr!mvjf)
Date: Tue Apr 20 1993 - 14:13:00 EDT

Hi Gang,
We were asked by the Vice-Director, ARRL New England Division
to be guest forum speakers at the 1993 ARRL New England Convention
on July 24th and 25th, 1993 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Speakers will be offered the use of the VIP lounge with hot and
cold drinks and a complementary lunch in the VIP lounge for both
days of the convention.

Your indoor parking ticket will be validated and you will pick
up your information packet, admission ticket and speaker badge
at the Information Booth in the convention center lobby.

We intend to speak on QRP (*).

We need to send a speakers' biography and information sheet as soon
as possible to advertise the forum.

The Holiday Inn is offering a special room rate of $60 for a single
or double room.

We have an excellent group of presenters that routinely make
the tour of New England Radio Clubs with excellent reviews.
This is an excellent opportunity to promote low power operating
and portable operation with natural power and home brew equipment.

Some topics may include :

QRP Field Day,
Receiver transmitter design,
Review of current rigs on the market.
                          (We will ask mfgrs to loan samples of rigs)
Review of current kits on the market. "
Flea market rigs for QRP
Older equipment at flea market prices
An introduction to QRP-NE
The QRP group at Dayton
Writing of 72
Running a QRP net
QRP awards and contests
Choosing rigs and antennas for backpacking, camping, summer camps,
                           solar, hotel operation, mobile....etc.

The list is endless, and you would be surprised at the mistaken
ideas that folks still have about QRP operation.

Many hams do not attend radio club meetings and do not get the

Hams from Me, Ma, Nh, Vt, and upper state Ny. will attend this

Please let me know SOON, if you are interested, and which day.
The sooner we apply, the better spot we will have on the program.

I am leaving for Dayton, (and may recruit there also) on Thursday

72 Jim

How to pick up rigs

Please contact me for more information.

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