Most memorable qrp qso


Date: Sun Apr 18 1993 - 09:41:31 EDT

     Wonder if any of you folk can think of one qrp qso that is especially
memorable? Somehow I got to thinking back last night, and one particular one
came to mind. During this one, I was running a KW.
     It was about 3 am local time and I was all by myself, operating the club
station on the Stanford campus -- W6YX. Great banks of Collins S-line
equipment, a KW final, and a full-sized, 4-element beam on 20m, up about 80
feet (that was a FINE station).
     I heard a ZL call CQ at the lower end of 20, answered him, and swung the
beam around. Once I got on him, he was about 579, and we had the usual
exchange. THEN he told me he was camping at a lake in the mountains on the
South island, had a random wire flung up in a tree, and was running about
150 mw.
     That circuit held up for more than an hour, and we chatted the whole time.
The ZL was fishing, and we broke briefly as he'd check his baits, and once,
when he actually caught a fish. We talked about ham radio, about our families
and our lives, about the state of the name it.
     All this was nearly 20 years ago, but I still remember it quite clearly.
It was on account of that qso, and realizing how satisfying it must have been
for the ZL to work out that way with his home-brew tin whistle, that got me
hooked on qrp to begin with.

   Cheers & 73,
   Jim K5YUT

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