Dayton New Rigs


From: Charles Adams (
Date: Wed Apr 14 1993 - 17:13:18 EDT

Jeff, AC4HF, popped the question first.

1. TenTec will have a new rig. small in size and hopefully similarly
    reduced in price. supposed to compete with the MFJ rigs. but this
    is just speculation among those in the know.

2. look for OHR at the show. i talked to Dick and he said he'd be there
    but was not going to be carrying large number of boxes etc. probably
    just take orders, but then this wasn't in concrete either.

3. everybody take notes at the show and then post when you get back to
    the terminal. this way we get several points of view. i'm sure that
    everybody won't see everything.

Kenwood and ICOM will have their new small HF rigs. they're not QRP,
but small in size.

73 es 72 fer nw, de k5fo chuck

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