The Joy of QRP and QQ


From: Charles Adams (
Date: Wed Apr 14 1993 - 16:07:55 EDT


i notice there are a large number of people looking for the Joy of QRP.
how is this different from the History of QRP? i have a copy of Ade's
(in fact it is autographed to me) History of QRP 1924-1960. it makes
interesting reading. (home of the Baylor bears and my old P.E. instructor
Grant Teaff) was looking for back issues of the QRP Quarterly (QQ).
you can get each year for $10 plus postage. i'll get the data when
i get home this evening. i bought all bound issues for $60 and i think
that was for the seven years up to 1991. well worth the cost just to have
them all together and bound. photocopies are excellent and it's the
plastic binding with multiple rectangular holes. don't remember what the
name of the binding is.

somebody let me know about Ade's book. got note sometime back that
Ade had some problem, political or otherwise with the QRP ARCI or some
nonsense and it caused him to drop QRP work for while and his book.
just a rumour that i heard and would like clarification on.

73/72 de k5fo chuck

p.s. i'll make up a bibliography of what i have at home on qrp related
      books. we can start a file at the ftp site.

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