the HW-9


From: Doug Datwyler (
Date: Wed Apr 14 1993 - 15:46:29 EDT

Per some of the requests for more info, let me elaborate.

Not work well - attributed to the apartment life, with a poor antenna,
and I burned the finals up twice.

Mods - Installed additional band package. I have a book somewhere about
the "hot-water" mods, but none were done.

Physical shape - Currently the case is apart. I may have lost the screws
that hold it together. All other circuitry is intact. I have manuals for
all of it. I have a pwer supply that works as rated. I have a tuner witout
the switch (used in another project). All matching.

I hope that this clarifies a bit the shape it is in. Time does not allow me
to fix it up any further. Current high bid is $140.

TNX ,Doug, WR7O

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