From: Charles Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Wed Apr 14 1993 - 13:28:15 EDT


didn't think that Jeff and the HW-9 would generate so much interest,
but i guess classics are demand getters.

Jeff got his HW-9 from me in kit form. it WAS a bad habit i had
during my heath days, i.e. i almost bought one of everything.
building is my way of keeping away from the shrink. ;-) doesn't
help, but at least i can justify the money spent. right? i knew you'd

i had the kit for some time then decided i was never going to get to
it. i sold it to Jeff and i had another one that i sold too.

there may be another left in dallas. i'll call the guy. no promises.

if you gotta build, i recommend the Oak Hills Research Rigs. the only
problem being that they are single band rigs, but very nice in quality
and performance.

Dick, KE8KL, owner and operator and designer for OHR, is very nice
over the phone. i have built the old 20 mtr rig, the Spirit and the
Sprint rigs.

Dick is redoing the old rig (it had a relay for switching between
xmit and rcv) and calling it the Explorer.

the Sprint is the W7EL rig. mine is on 30 meters and it's a cute
little critter. small and it's going on trips around the country
wid me. hot lil receiver.

i can do a more detailed review for the group, as i have written 'em
up for the QQ. haven't heard from editor yet when they'll be out.
i may have been blackballed for all i know. ;-)

the price ranges are

Sprint $109.95
Explorer ~$149.95 or $159.95. not sure on this as price hasn't been
Sprint now $189.95 but going up to $220 or so. order now and avoid the
        price increase, if it hasn't gone up yet.

i have the a&a engineering rigs too, but the rcvr is hotter in OHR's rigs.
also, again i don't like the relay.

any of you guys built the two-fer with the new TR switch? how does it
work? inquiring minds wanna know.

73/72 de k5fo chuck dit dit

p.s. any of you guys/girls coming to Arlington in June for Hamcomm?

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