From: Bruce Walker (bruce@Think.COM)
Date: Wed Apr 14 1993 - 13:05:20 EDT

An HW9 is my current project: my elmer gave me a busted HW9 to hack on.
The only real problem was that the finals were burned out, and it needed an
alignment. This rig has two mods, and I love it! First, it has a Kenwood
500Hz crystal filter which he picked up from a hamfest somewhere and stuck
in the IF (same IF freq, obviously). Second is the anti-thumping-QSK mod
from one of the published articles. With the 500Hz filter in all the time,
and the audio filter selectable, it performs extremely well on
crowded/noisy bands.

At first, I didn't have a local source for the MRF237 finals, so I put in a
single lower power transistor. I worked across the Atlantic (G and F, from
MA) on my first try at 300mW out on 15m on a Zepp. Just two nights ago I
received the mail-order MRF237 replacements and fired it up; first two
contacts were Ukraine on 40 at 2W and Azores on 1W. Fun stuff!

I do think the receiver is a little deaf; I can almost always work 'em if I
can hear 'em. I'm planning to try out a couple of the receiver mods I have
copies of (like replacing the TX/RX steering diodes). I'm also sure the
AGC on this rig is flakey...need to debug that. Anyway, congratulations on
getting yours on the air!

--bruce WT1M

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