From: Jeff M. Gold (JMG@tntech.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 14 1993 - 12:22:19 EDT

Hello all,

Well I haven't figured whether I will be at Dayton.. too
much temptation.. but would like to meet a bunch of QRPers.

Wondered if anyone has actually used a HW9. Trying to figure
out whether I am exhibiting the "Proud Father Syndrome" or
whether the HW9 is really performing as well as I think it

Just got the last bug out of it.. boy was I stupid.. the rig
was Tx and Rec on different freqs. Turned out to be the
Transmit Return adjustment.. took a few minutes to fix it
and is right on the money now.

The rig seems to perform exceptionally well on crowded
noises bands (like 40 and 30 has been here in TN lately). I
have also been getting excellent signal reports on the
quality of my signal.. not just quickies .. but have
discussed it during nice rag-chew QSOs.

The only mod I would make is to maybe build a contest keyer
in the top cover.

73s de Cookeville,TN

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