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From: Bruce Walker (bruce@Think.COM)
Date: Mon Apr 12 1993 - 14:27:24 EDT

   Date: 12 Apr 1993 09:32:05 -0500 (CDT)
   From: "Jeff M. Gold" <>

   Checked the manual and it told me to check the BFO. It was
   right on freq. I decided to mess with it (it was raining and
   I had the day off). I ended up changing the core of the coil
   and the value of the capacitor. I got it within .5 KCs or
   so. Got Cuba first call last nite and Wisconsin this AM
   before work. Talked for a while.. got really good signal
   reports (I have the RIT set for + 1/2 way to compensate for
   slight error).

There is a procedure in the alignments section for aligning the BFO in both
TX and RX mode for a 700 Hz shift. That sounds like your problem. I can
check the manual tonight. I just got a non-working HW9 working again (the
only big problem was burned-out finals), and I remember doing this in the
alignment procedure. Now I'm going to tackle a few of the RX improvement

--bruce WT1M

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